Relevant Training and Experience:

2006-2007  200 hr Certification from Silver Lotus Training Institute, Lewes, DE , by Susan Hammodock, MA, LCSW, 500 E-RYT
Susan Hammodock, a well respected local therapist and instructor, has decades of training in various schools of yoga, including experience as a trainer for the Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Program.  Her training focused mainly on the works of Krishnamakarya who emphasized the importance of one-on-one therapy and function over form.  Principles of anatomy and accupressure technique were introduced via Paul Grilley's method.  And, therapeutic methods were taught from "Viniyoga"  style by Gary Kraftsow's work, whose highly respected studies have been published by NIH.

2007-2009  Advanced Studies in Yoga Studies from Silver Lotus Training Institute 
Including courses addressing working with cancer patients in all stages, chair yoga for those with disabilities, and yoga as therapy for emotional difficulties from trauma, such as anxiety and depression

2010 Power Yoga Training w Bryan Kest, recognized as creator of "Power Yoga" style

2011  Yin yoga training w Paulie Zink, internationally acclaimed Martial Artist champion and considered creator of "yin" style yoga.

2013  Yoga Rx graduate program and Yoga Therapist certification program, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
One of the premiere yoga therapy training programs in the country, the first to be held at a prestigious university. Instruction from doctors in various fields of medicine, including, but not limited to: cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, psychotherapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, and chiropractic care.
Extensive study of anatomy and physiology, common illness and injuries in the different fields, including knowledge of SOAP notes and basic medical terminology

2015  Chakra Meditation Workshop, California Institute of Human Science graduate school, Encinitas, CA, with Takeshima Sensei, senior disciple of Dr. Motoyama.  Anatomy overview by Paul Grilley, creator of yin yoga.
Joint release exercises, exploration of Ajna Chakra, and meditation exercises associated

Kristin has developed her own style of therapeutic yoga from this extensive background of training combined with her own experience as a past athlete in many sports, experience in fitness/nutrition, as well as her teaching degree and experience in the study of psychology, self development, and spirituality.  This is producing amazing results in her clients. She has become one of the most popular therapeutic style instructors in the Northeast region and is now frequently requested to work with athletes and performers in the public eye, as well as those suffering from more severe injuries and conditions that make it difficult to attend a group session.

Kristin's classes reflect her high level of passion and interest in creating real, lasting results. She is deeply committed to introducing the therapeutic benefits of yoga to the general public, taking out any misconceptions, including the practice of religion or difficult contortions, to make it more inviting and meaningful for all.  By simple, clear, caring instruction and demonstration, she intends on bringing powerful and effective ancient healing exercises to those suffering from physical or mental discomfort, or looking to create a deeper well-being and powerful edge in a busy confusing world. 

Most students come to her classes looking to cure a certain medical condition or  to try yoga for the first time, however they typically state that they leave pleasantly surprised at a much greater result in their overall health and well-being. See student comments here.

Kristin draws her spirituality and humanitarianism from her mother's side, which included ministers, teachers, and extensive involvement in community service. From her father's side she draws her interest in human potential as it relates to science and athletics, and has been involved in the sports, fitness, and wellness industry most of her life, both teaching and as an athlete herself.  In addition to yoga, she has worked as an independent contractor with Pharmanex, a health and wellness company devoted to preventative nutritionals and anti-aging technologies, for the last 20 years.   

Kristin also holds a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and loves to see children/teens join their parents in classes.

  "Being a mom, myself, I understand the value of  teaching a practice like yoga to children who are so often caught up in modern technology.  The ability to slow down, respect their bodies, & develop a more calm, focused, and positive mind will be invaluable to them in all future endeavors."


"I love to help others relieve their stress, aches, and pains so that they can live their lives with more vitality and freedom, and discover what amazing human beings they are."

Kristin Quinn
On the Beach, In Studio, or Private Therapy 
OCEAN CITY, MD (Memorial Day - Sept)

Kristin Quinn, Yoga Therapist
From the taping of Paul Grilley's Functional Yoga instructor video
"This is not about being perfect or trying to copy someone else...this is about becoming more of 

 When we start embracing and working with what is, instead of what we wish it was, deep openings and healing becomes possible"

Kristin Quinn
Since 2007, Kristin has been delivering safe, effective therapeutic style yoga classes which offer a unique blend of science and insight, with a hint of humor and large dose of LOVE.

"This is not just another exercise or typical group yoga class. I am committed to assist each student in achieving his/her desired goal and deliver a transformation of mind/body. It is my intention that each participant, no matter what age, shape, size, or condition be able to take this knowledge of function over form, mindfulness and intention over habitual stress and distraction,  and be able to apply it in all that they do, enriching the quality of their lives, inspiring more sustained joy, and enabling them to live at their full potential."
     Kristin is currently enrolled in Larry Payne's prestigious Yoga Rx program. This 4 year program is the first of its kind to be held in a prestigious university, Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, CA.

     The certification provides instruction on how to use yoga therapy techniques as complementary therapy with traditional doctors to enhance a patient's healing, speed recovery, and create ongoing management of a condition.  

     Kristin is receiving instruction from world-class doctors, including neurosurgeons, cardiologists, psychotherapists, sports medicine docs, physical therapists, chiropractors, as well as accupuncturists, ayurvedic counselors and advanced yoga professionals.

     "I have already witnessed healing in working with my clients that amazes ME!  I can never guarantee it, but some of my clients have avoided surgery from our work together and reported that they have had breakthrus in well-being and much enhanced  effectiveness in their  sport, profession, and/or personal relationships that they had never imagined when starting our work together." KQ
Grand Master Martial Arts Champion, Paulie Zink
Yin yoga creator, Paul Grilley and Suzie Grilley