These classes 
were developed with the modern man, 
woman, and child in mind.   

Some have  heard of the practice of yoga, but are cautious to try it 
because of some common misconceptions.  
The ideas of chanting, uncomfortable contortions, or a religious orientation 
keep most at a distance from 
an exercise that could truly benefit them.

These classes 
were designed to break that barrier, to allow more people 
the opportunity to gain the immense therapeutic benefits of yoga
and assist each participant in understanding how to become more in control of their own health and aliveness.

You can now achieve better health without contorting your body and, 
although you may experience your own spiritual connection, 
religious oriented practices will not be a focus.  

These classes are for everyone
They have a respect for the uniqueness of each individual. 
The instructor will help you to find the pose that fits you, 
not the other way around,
so that all can participate in and benefit from any class,  
from the beginner to more experienced student.   

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Benefits, 
Less Stress/ Lowered Blood Pressure
A Longer, Leaner Body with Better Posture, 
Less Joint Pain, 
Increased Range of Motion, 
Reduced Tightness and Discomfort in 
Back, Neck, Shoulders, and Hips, 
Increased Mental Clarity and Calmness 

These are just some of the benefits 
that are possible from a regular yoga practice. 

Many doctors are now acknowledging recent studies that confirm the 
health benefits of yoga and recommending it to their patients.

Insurance may cover you for individual yoga therapy when authorized by your physician.  
Please check with your doctor.

"I have been involved in the study of optimal health and nutrition, both mind and body,  along with the fitness industry, all of my life.  There is no exercise that I have ever done that has improved my body, mind, and overall quality of life like 

                    Kristin Quinn

On the Beach, In Studio, or Private Therapy
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