"Kristin,Thanks again so much for allowing me to join the class last Sunday.  It was amazing!  I have not felt that great since I started going to a chiropractor.  My back, my neck and my hips felt aligned and natural.   I know that we had previously discussed me taking this class every other week.  However, I had misjudged the outcome that this class would provide.  I am still feeling it! :)
 If it is still alright I'd like to sign up to take this class every Sunday for the month... "
-Shannon(Yin yoga) 

"I had gotten to a point in my life where I could not sleep through the night without being woken up 2-3 times with pain in my hip and would have to constantly shift to find a comfortable position. Within weeks of starting yoga with Kristin I was able to sleep through the night pain free and after more than a year of taking yoga twice weekly, continue to do so. This is just one of the numerous benefits I have experienced with taking yoga. Thanks Kristin!!!!"
-Anne(Flow Basics, Power Yoga)

"Kristin, you are a wonderful teacher, great words, cadence, vibes and provider of loving words on how to love yourself. There have been 3-4 people who have inspired me over the past two years and you are one of them. I need to hear those words from your voice, it calms me, settles my mind and reminds me of where I have been and where I am confidently going."
-Joe(flow basics, yin)

"Before taking the yoga class, for more than 3.5 years I had a problem with my left leg.  I had been to the doctor, it was considered a nerve problem.  He prescribed a few exercises for my lower back and leg...I felt a small amount of relief but not much.  Sometimes the pain was so bad I could not put any pressure on my leg at all.  Often I had a throbbing pain at night.  I had developed a slight limp. 
After only 3 weeks of yoga with Kristen I began to feel significant relief from my symptoms.  By six weeks I became completely pain free!  The stretching and strengthening moves have been amazing for me.  I only took the class to "try" yoga...this is a result that I never expected! "
-Janet(flow basics)

"After 10 years of basically walking for exercise, I decided to try yoga and
discovered Kristin.  She's more than a teacher - she's a coach of life with
her gentle workouts, words of encouragement and stress management tips.  She starts with deep breathing (something we seldom do properly in our
fast-paced world) to stretching and strength poses, to challenging your
flexibility and balance - it's the total workout.  Her classes are for every
age including a senior like me.  She has inspired me to exercise and have a
more positive outlook on life and for that I am grateful."
-Pat(flow basics, private student, yin)

" Loved the fall classes...Kristin your sincerity, talent and compassion make you the best."
-Catherine(power yoga/flow basics)

"When I joined Kristin's class I must confess I hated to exercise.  But my first class Kristin taught was so inspiring I was hooked.  Kristin does not just show you the Yoga/ Core Strengthening positions, but makes sure you are doing them correctly.  I feel wonderful and will continue in her class because of her skill and dedication.  Anyone would be foolish not to try Kristin's class at least once."
-Linda P.(power yoga/yin yoga)

" I don't know if I told you but your yoga classes really helped me with my wrists---I broke both of them in a fall---they actually stopped hurting and felt normal.  I 
really didn't expect that much--I was hoping for some improvement but what I got was phenomenal!  I also had real improvement in my back and neck.  See you Wednesday!  
-Jayne(flow basics/ therapeutic)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class last night. The tension that I usually carry in my shoulders feels so much lighter. Thanks!"
-Kathy(flow basics, after her first yoga class)

"This past summer i was walking five miles every other day...  On the alternate day i would ride my bike ten miles.  I wasn't strolling along, i was pushing it.  I felt more after your class than i did all summer as far as my muscles were concerned.  I could feel it in my thighs and my triceps.  It's surprising that something so relaxing can be such a good workout for my muscles.    I didn't feel as good as i did after tonight's class. Thanks for what you do for my body and my mind.  I have a question for you. I have a terrible time sleeping every night.  I just don't sleep.  I was wondering if doing a gentle yoga workout right before bedtime would be beneficial at all. (yes) I'm thinking about recording your voice during our savasana pose and replaying it at home or just taking you home with me :-) "
-Louie(Yoga Flow)

(from a martial artist in my class)"I practice yoga for many reasons.  Yoga helps with flexibility and balance.  It also helps reduce stress.  When I practice calming techniques from yoga... I find that I can use the same techniques when I am sparring.  Not tensing up and remaining calm and focused when I am fighting makes me a better martial artist. Stretching using Yoga techniques helps me avoid injuries and muscle pain after working out. 
 Yoga as well as martial arts forces you to be in the moment.  You can not think about issues at work, etc.. while doing a yoga pose or practicing a martial arts technique."
-Brian L.(power yoga/ yin yoga)

"I enjoyed the class very much and am looking forward to next week! 
Your teaching style creates a 'safe' space where i felt it was about challenging myself , not doing it perfectly. Thank you. "
-Jamie(flow basics)

"Thank you for introducing me to a practice that is truly opening my eyes, mind, and soul to the colors in my life I have been overlooking. Yoga is enabling me to find balance and experience life instead of operating in survival mode. Thriving is definitely more joyful. "
-Karen(flow basics)

    I have learned that yoga is more than just your stero-typical "Oooommm" kind of work.  It's about connecting your body in motion with your breathing.  When we learn to focus on these things in  your class it brings a balance in my life that I've been missing.  I'd also like to add that I absolutely look forward to coming to the classes 2 times a week.  It's the only part of the week where I am doing something completely healthy for myself and I enjoy every minute of it."
-Natis C.(power yoga)

"Great class today (and always)  You're the bomb!"
-ellen(power/ flow basics/ yin yoga)

"This class is so user-friendly, meeting each student at his/her level.  Everyone is accepted just as they are which really helps with (one's own) self-acceptance.  It is a professionally run class with personal care and commitment from the instructor."
-Donna (flow basics)

(on the beach class)"Your teaching style, direction and warm personality was the absolutely perfect way to start off the day...oh and by the way, the setting didn't hurt either .  I loved the way you reminded us to take it all in, look at the horizon, listen to the sounds, watch the dolphins...these are things that helped me stay in the moment.  These are the memories I took with me.  For that I am grateful.  I am also grateful that you keep your classes smaller because I truly believe that much of this would be lost if the group was larger.
So thank you for what you do, thank you for making this year's vacation more enjoyable for me!"
-Robyn(flow basics at sunrise on the beach in OC, MD)

"Yoga is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  Yoga makes me well from the inside out!  Kristin is an excellent instructor.  She teaches yoga the way it was meant to be taught!"
-Teresa B.(flow basics, yin yoga)

"I liked how you(Kristin) changed the classes a little each time.  And you went over the allotted time.  I liked that-I felt like you really enjoyed the classes and your students, and weren't rushing to get everyone out of there.  I have friends who take yoga classes at gyms....they say the instructors are rushed, don't check your form, whereas in your classes , I like the small amount of people and you feel like you take pride in your classes and that shows.  I am definitely signing up for fall classes.  I can't wait!"
--Theresa W.(power yoga)

"I had never taken a yoga class and was quite satisfied with the results.  Twice a week was enough to eliminate visits to a chiropractor.  Yoga also helped with posture and breathing and release of tension. "
-Nancy(flow basics)

"I really LOVED the yoga classes on the beach this summer!!  ...The things that I loved about the classes: the length of the class, your voice, the poses/stretches covered the entire body, great way to jump start my day, loved looking/hearing the ocean in the background, liked that you had suntan lotion, waters and mats for us.  
The overall experience was awesome!!..."
-Kellie (flow basics at sunrise on the beach in OC, MD)

"Yoga on the beach was one of the most wonderful, relaxing experiences I have ever had.  I have told all my friends about it.  I think it is a wonderful concept, and  would love to participate again next summer.  Thank you for providing this wonderful service."
-Rosa(Yin yoga on the beach at sunset in OC, MD)

"Your passion was unique and I really enjoyed the class. I will definitely be back next year."
-Harris (flow basics at sunrise on the beach in OC, MD)

Group Classes on the Beach, in Studio, or Private Therapy 
OCEAN CITY, MD(Memorial Day-Sept)